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Gymnastics Planet is the brainchild of a highly regarded former gymnast, coach and club manager. Every piece of artistic 
gymnastics apparatus and all our training aids are tried, tested andpushed to their limits so we can always assure comfort, safety and 
the highest quality. We cater to gymnasts of all disciplines, ages and abilities from beginners to international champions, and are 
proud to have many household-name gymnasts use our products. If you are unsure of what you need, we can point you in the right 
direction. Gymnastics Planet also specialises in club services including gym design, installation and servicing to help create and maintain 
optimal training environments. We are an authorised supplier of theworld famous Spieth Gymnastics equipment, found in schools and 
sports clubs the world over as well as countless Olympics. In partnership with Turn Gymnastics Europe and Erin Gymnastics 
Europe, who produce top quality training and performance wear, we are the ultimate one-stop-shop for all your gymnastics 





Gymnastic Planet combines decades of experience with a passion for helping

gymnasts achieve their full potential. Our mission is to provide the best gymnastics tools

and equipment and foster education to ensure safe, progressive, and enjoyable training for 

gymnasts of all ages and abilities globally.