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Guides & Care

Gymnastic Planet have created a series of video guides which are aimed at helping you make a more informed choice about fitting gymnastics handguards and how our accessories can prevent injury and enhance your performance.

Artistic Gymnastics Guides

Bars + Rings

You might have heard them called uneven, high, shiny, wooden, metal, asymmetric, bars, rings, still rings… one thing that they all have in common is that you normally use handguards when training and competing on these pieces.

Along with Handguards there are several other pieces of personal equipment that are essential for Artistic Gymnastics whether you compete in the Men’s (Boys) or Women’s (Girls) category. We have created a series of comprehensive videos to guide you through the whole process, from measuring up for the right size, choosing the most suitable ones for your budget, through to keeping good care of them. See of you can spot a young Georgia May Fenton in one of the videos!

Did you know that you might also need wristguards to prevent them digging in and chalk or liquid chalk to help grip onto the bar? Finally, you will normally also need a set of gloves + loops as you practice the moves on the training shiny bar in preparation for transferring skills to the chalk or wooden bar.

Home Training

Obviously lately we have all been practicing a little more at home than normal recently and it’s great knowing that we have helped so many of you maintain and improve your gymnastics skills + strength safely in your own home. If you aren’t already familiar with our home training products and how they could help you here are a few guides to ankle stretchers, resistance tubes, pirouette bar, panel mats and home air products.

Wrist Supports

Also known, as Panada Paws or Tiger Paws depending on the the brand who makes them. These are used by Gymnasts, Tumblers and Cheerleading to protect their wrists, on floor, vault and beam. We have several colours and brands to choose from, though it’s worth keeping in mind that the sand coloured ones are allowed for all competitions. Check out our video channel guides from Olympic Youth Medalist + GB Senior Gymnast Amelie Morgan, who you might also know from CBBC Gymstars.