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  1. Gymnastic Planet’s Christmas Gift guide!

    Gymnastic Planet’s Christmas Gift guide!


    There’s nothing better than seeing someone’s face light up when they open a present you’ve given them, but sometimes present buying feels like mind-reading and can be overwhelming. For the gymnasts in your life, it’s a safe bet that Gymnastic Planet has the perfect gifts for all circumstances right here. We’ve compiled a handy guide, plus a few puns, to help you sleigh at gift-giving this year and turn any resting Grinch face into a smile.



    1. The bar necessities of life: Handguards, wristbands, loops and gloves.

    Stockings are a great way to re-stock (haha) on all those important bits and bobs we need (socks anyone, or were we just not Santa’s favourites?). But don’t forget about the sporting essentials, especially when most gymnasts probably consider their guards more crucial than underwear.

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  2. Gymnastic Planet’s top 10 memorable moments from the Artistic World Championships in Liverpool

    Gymnastic Planet's top 10 memorable moments from Artistic World Championships in Liverpool

    Wow. The 51st World Gymnastics Championships in Liverpool, from 29th October – 6th November, have been the perfect climax to an incredible year for gymnastics. The week of competition gave us the whole range of emotions from nail-biting tension, disappointment and humour to jubilation and awe. Let’s recap 10 of our most memorable moments:

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  3. Guest Blog Post: Oakley Banks on his EYOF Experience

    Oakley Banks at The European Youth Olympic Festival

    I’m Oakley Banks and I recently competed at the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF). I’m going to share a little run through of what happened over the week I was there…

    Getting our GB Kit

    On Thursday 21st July we finished training at South Essex Gymnastics Club and travelled to a Premier Inn hotel at Heathrow for the night, where the whole EYOF team got their Team GB kit.

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  4. Tips for Training in Hot Weather


    Train smart in Hot Weather

    It’s shaping up to be a scorching Summer: we are currently experiencing a major heatwave, with wildfires raging across western Europe and record-breaking temperatures expected in Britain. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips to help you beat the heat.


    Preparation is key.

    Be proactive when aiming to exercise in hot weather. Avoid the hottest part of the day between 11am-3pm and instead train in the mornings or evenings whe

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    It wasn’t long after Eva began the sport of gymnastics that we were told to expect blisters. It’s just supposed to come with the territory. But why? Do blisters somehow prove your level of grit? Are they to be shown off on the gym floor like a badge of honour? If my gymnast blisters more than your gymnast does that mean she’s working harder? Blisters are painful! Wod & Done

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  6. How to choose correct size Metal Bar loops



    We are often asked questions about the sizing of our metal bar loops. Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer to these questions, as the correct sizing of metal bar loops depends on numerous factors:

    • Circumference of the athlete’s wrist
    • The amount of padding used under the loops (gloves, wrist bands or perhaps both)
    • If using at home – diameter of bar (as home bars are often produced in various diameters by different manufacturers)

    It is crucial to choose the correct size of metal bar loops. Too big or too small loops can lead to serious injury, including broken bones.

    We are often asked questions about the sizing of our metal bar loops. Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer to these que

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  7. Gymnastic Planet Handguard sizing



    Many of our customers often request a help choosing correct size of handguards. Sizing charts of handguards are published on our web site. Please note: each style of handguards has their own sizing chart so please only follow sizing chart of the product you are planning to purchase.

    These measurements have been provided as an approximate guide. They in no way guarantee a safe or perfect fit. Only the gymnast and his/her coach can decide on the appropriate size by evaluating the actual handguard once it is on the gymnast's hand. There are dimensions to the hand that cannot be taken into account with a flat measurement and there are several positions on the wrist where the gymnast might decide to settle the wristband and handguard. Therefore, only the gymnast and his/her coach

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  8. Meet Gymnastic Planet supported gymnasts: GEORGIA-MAE FENTON



    This Team GB gymnast doesnt need any introductions. She is famous for her amazing bar work,  artistry and elegance. A value F bar skill, which she performed for the first time was named after her - its one of the most difficult skills on bars! 

    Competition Level:

    International Team GB gymnast


    Competiiton acheivements:

    2019 British Bar and Beam Champion

    2018 Commonwealth Games Bar Champion, Team England silver

    2018 European Floor finalist

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  9. When to replace your gymnastic handguards (gym grips)

    broken handguards. Gym grips

    Former Team GB gymnast and now a member of the Jamaican national team, Danusia Francis will give you some tips on how to identify when you need to replace your handguards

    View our YouTube video here.

    Your Gymnastic handguards are a very important piece of equipment that require constant attention and maintenance.

    Only handguards in good condition will provide you with great grip, protect you from blisters and be safe to use.

    Unfortunately, we see far too many damaged and stretched handguards worn by boys and girls on Rings and Bars (high and asymmetric).


    In this article we will cover the most common signs, when your guards need to be replaced.

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    Reposted with permission of US Glove BLOG (


    You have just got your new pair of handguards – what now?  


    Once you have chosen your style of handguards (we will focus on dowel guards in this article), make sure they fit properly before you start breaking them in. They should be snug, and you shouldn’t be able to fully extend your hand with your new handguards on. They may feel a little too small at first, because the leather is stiff. That’s normal.


     After you have determined that you have the right guard (grip) size, decide which guard will go on which hand. Then use a permanent marker to mark one with an L and the other with an R. Ladies handg

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