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Recreational Gymnastics Awards…for all to use!

The Hub Gymnastics Foundations was created by Sophie and Hannah, two sisters who are truly passionate about gymnastics.  Having dedicated decades of their lives to the sport (in competitive, recreational and pre school gymnastics) they decided to combine their knowledge, experience and creativity to produce what they believe would be the ultimate award scheme.  They run several recreational clubs across Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire in schools, leisure centres and community facilities so have tried and tested the scheme (tweaked, amended, changed it numerous times) and have offered it to other clubs who have reacted with great enthusiasm.  The plan initially was to keep it amongst local clubs but having seen the positive impact it has had on all of our recreational gymnasts, we’re offering it to all schools and clubs who wish to join us on our journey!

Starting with the Early Years Awards, Hubert the Gymnast Bear takes the children on exciting adventures accompanied by catchy upbeat music.  There are 6 songs in the Hubert Song Collection and each song matches up with the laminated A3 poster, which illustrates all the action moves.

Once children reach the beginning of primary school, they can follow the colours of the rainbow in awards designed to build solid foundations for gymnastics skills progression, before moving onto the Advanced scheme, which aims to develop older children and challenge higher level recreational gymnasts.

Early Years Awards

Hubert the Gymnast Bear takes younger children on exciting adventures through Early Years Gymnastics movement, complete with fun and catchy songs that guide the complete journey. Just pick up a Teddy (or bean bag) and follow Hubert through the various activities!

General Gymnastics Awards

A simple and progressive recreational gymnastics journey for beginner and intermediate level recreational gymnasts, which include key preparation exercises to help build up to basic gymnastics skills, such as handstands and cartwheels. Starting with Level 1 and working up to Level 7.

Advanced Awards

Providing Advanced Recreational Gymnasts a scheme to help learn the more challenging skills. From Bronze to Silver then onto Gold, this 9 part scheme offers a progressive journey to include key drills and preparation exercises commonly taught in order to be ready to perform advanced skills.