This Team GB gymnast doesnt need any introductions. She is famous for her amazing bar work,  artistry and elegance. A value F bar skill, which she performed for the first time was named after her - its one of the most difficult skills on bars! 

Competition Level:

International Team GB gymnast


Competiiton acheivements:

2019 British Bar and Beam Champion

2018 Commonwealth Games Bar Champion, Team England silver

2018 European Floor finalist

2018 English Beam champion

2015 British champion Bars

2013 AA British champion 2013, Bar Champion

2013 AA English champion

3 time world championship team member

Favourite apparatus - why do you love it?

My favourite apparatus is Bars, as it comes more naturally to me I love swinging around the bars learning new skills and combinations


Pre-competition rituals

Before competition I use Visualisation to go through all my routines and imagine myself doing them perfectly. This helps me stay focused and in my bubble.


Future goals

My goals are to Gain a major competition medal and make the Olympic team


My hero/heroes (gymnastics and/or others)

My idols in gymnastics are Nastia Liukin and Victoria Komova,  as their gymnastics is just so elegant and beautiful


Favourite song played in the gym:

I don’t have a favourite song,  but as long as the music is up beat I can roll with it!


What do you do when you are not in the gym?

When I’m not in the gym I love to go shopping, doing my nails, eating at nice restaurants and spending time with my family


Quick Fire Questions:

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Determined, fun and caring


Favourite colour?

Baby pink or any neutral colours


Texting or talking?



Gymnastic Planet preffered products

Bailie extreme Ladies Handguards

Tiger paw wrist supports

Chalk,  of course!


Non stretch tape

Working Hands hand care cream