Oakley is a Junior Team GB gymnast. He trains at Pegasus gymnastics club (Maidstone, Kent). Oakley is a very promising Junior gymnast who will no doubt become a future star of British Gymnastics.


Competiiton level:

International Junior Team GB gymnast


Competiiton acheivements:

4 international competitions,

All winning medals,

1st all around at his first international

Favourite apparatus - why do you love it?

My favourite apparatus varies with the new skills I learn, but I really like floor, simply because your able to show yourself and put some cool tricks together


Pre-competition rituals

I normally listen to music before a competition to ease myself and get prepared. I also like to visualise the routines before I perform.


Future goals

In the future I want to go to an Olympics world championships and European championships and come away with medals for the country and myself.


My hero/heroes (gymnastics and/or others)

My hero’s in the gym are James Hall and Courtney Tulloch as I train with them and see the amount of work they put into reach their goals


Favourite song played in the gym:

I don’t have a favourite song in the gym, I just like listening to something with a beat as it keeps me going


What do you do when you are not in the gym?

When not in the gym I just relax and spend time with my family or play my Xbox


Quick Fire Questions:

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Determined, laid back and a team player


Favourite colour?




Texting or talking?

I like to text and talk to people, but talking is more what I like as you can express how you are as a person.


Gymnastic Planet preferred products

I really like the Reisport buckle handguards, chalk, wrist supports, and the Spieth equipment, it helps me through my training